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HDR Test 1

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Example - Test 1

HDR is basically the process of taking the best parts from 3 or more photos and merging them into one glorious image.  It will bring out detail in the shadows via the over-exposed image and also the detail in the highlights via the under-exposed image. You need at least 3 images for a good HDR shot. Also, you must take the photos in the RAW format.  The RAW format gives you photos with the most data attached to them as possible so programs have more to work with when merging and editing.  Check out my 1st attempt:


These are by three original RAW shots. Shots were taken at +-2 Fstops (bracketing) with the lower image being the correct exposure. I'm sure I could have increased the range even more, but for my first test, this seemed to work out well. The HDR processing was done in Photoshop CS4 with the use of Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw. The camera I use is a Canon Rebel Xsi - really happy with the cameral!

This is the image after HDR processing. The change is subtle but significant.  While it may be hard to see on a smaller scale, you can really notice the change in both the back of the mini calendar and photo frame. This image also has a light Vidid High-Pass Fileter effect applied. This Ps filter brings out a bit more of the texture, but it did make the photo a bit more flat looking. You can see some halo's forming around the picture frame... but im happy with the first attempt + filter.  It looks a bit more realistic, especially due to the close up nature of this shot, without the filter. 

This is the same image but with some little glow effects I added. Kinda fun. I'm just starting to learn photoshop so I'm very happy with this result. I hope to attempt some more HDR images outside soon.  I will post those too. Keep an eye out.  Hope you liked. 

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